Wapichan people map traditional territories

The people of the Wapichan communities of South Rupununi on Tuesday unveiled a digital map of their traditional territories along with a plan that if successfully implemented would protect 1.4 million hectares of pristine rainforest, while preserving their cultural, linguistic and historic heritage.

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Understanding primate distributions in Guyana

A new study published in the scientific journal Biotropica, explains patterns in the spatial distributions of three species of primates in the Rupununi area of Guyana. The study by the Project Fauna team is based on three years of field surveys by local communities, and shows that competition between species is fundamental to species distributions, as well as habitat and fruit availability.

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The indigenous Wapichan people of Guyana, South America, will make public today a locally-made digital map of their traditional territory alongside a ground-breaking community proposal to care for 1.4 million ha of pristine rainforest for the benefit of their communities and the world. Read more…